Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Viva! Viva la Musica! a Great Night of Music

VIVA!  What a great night of music we had!  There was everything to love: the musicians and the music, the instruments, the flowers, the punch, the verse, the cool air in the church, and a deeply appreciateive audience. One parishoner wrote:
"It was a spectacular concert last night. I have NEVER heard a cello played so magnificently. Thank you a thousand times. Everything about your organization and presentation, and Jeremy's workmanship, was divine.
With heartfelt gratitude,  C."

THANKS to all the good AVC people who made it happen:  our concert committee....Suzanne Brown, Dick Luecke, Martha Hooper, and Evelyn Stewart; the ever-gracious hospitality of Kathy Johnson, with her petite aide (and chimer) Zoe Moriarty;  Ben Steel, our Sexton and brave declaimer of Duncan Nelson's witty Ode. Huzzahs! to all.

Jonathan's season with the Boston Artists Ensemble begins September 22 at beautiful Hamilton Hall in Salem. Check them out at  BostonArtistsEnsemble.org.  I will also let you know of Francie's performances in the greater Boston area.

Once again, everybody, thank you...thank you.

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