Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An Ode to O'Carolan Etcetera by Duncan Nelson

Dear Friends,

O' what a grand afternoon we had with  Michael O'Leary and O'Carolan Etcetera's "Music from the Misty Isles."  Thank you for coming!  If you missed out, Duncan Nelson's  Ode will give you a glimpse of the day and remind you what's still to come. See the tribute our poet laureate declaimed in his velvet hat (and barefoot) just before we all broke into "Loch Lomond" at the end of the concert.  

More Odes are promised as our series progresses. (Where else do you get a poem, a prayer and a performance all in the same day?)   Come on July 23 at 8:00 for "Viva! Viva la Musica" with former BSO cellist Jonathan Miller and the brilliant harpsichordist Frances Conover Fitch. You can get a preview when Jonathan performs at the Shalin Liu Performance Center on May 28 at 3 PM (this time with Canadian pianist Diane Walsh).  And on August 20 at 8:00, the harpsichord comes alive again under the hands of Beverly Soll in solos and duos with her husband, Andrew Soll, who plays both the organs in a program celebrating the "Wood, Wind, and Wire"of  Adams organs and harpsichords featured in the Cape Ann Museum's exhibition this winter. Bring your friends and family for these evenings of beautiful music in the best of acoustics, here at the Head of the Cove.

In addition to our series, the Village Church is hosting Lyrichora, a 25-member ensemble in an eclectic program of choral music on June 4 at 4 PM

Kathleen Adams, Music Director

As we've heard, when O'Carolan Etcetera
Plays there is simply no better a
Chance to witness a Scottish sporan
Undergirding an Irish bohran,
As Michael O'Leary does his thing
And we find ourselves doing a Highland fling
Or two or three, as toe-tapping fiddle,
With flute and guitar somewhere in the middle,
Play, and also a hurdy-gurdy,
Performed on by as “bonnie a birdie”
As Burns could have wished for in Kathleen
Adams, there being no fairer colleen
To wring with her fingers from an accordion
Notes could untangle even knots Gordian!
And there’s Dick Luecke, Cindy McIntyre,
And Adrienne Howard rounding out the entire
Fabulous Anglo-Irish ensemble,
In whose virtuoso presence, your humble
Bard willy-nilly took a back seat,
Not having been able to greet
This group who with rollicking dance tunes began,
With "Come By the Hills" and "Morgan  Megan";
Then on to more Irish, we harked the guitar
Serenading the "Maid Behind the Bar";
Then on to the English, as we heard chorused
"Child Grove" and "Peascods" and "Epping Forest."
Then -- "Swinging on a Gate" -- there were lots
Of songs where we heard the burr of the Scots,
Such as "Red Haired Boy" and "Slocket Light,"
And "Flowers of Edinburgh," so that we might
Come to the place in the program, ere
We were done, closer to where
The Scots and the Irish meet to update ya'
On how they joined forces in Appalachia:
 We heard "Over the Moor to Maggie" and Pretty
Saro," each one as pretty a ditty
As ever was writ. Then great consternation
As audience participation 
Was called for. But maybe not so ill-omened,
As many already knew "Loch Lomond"!
Then "Parting Words" such as "Captain O'Kane."
So I am done, except to maintain
It's been a privilege for one with the name
Of Duncan to be asked to declaim
In honor of these troubadours,
From whom we hope there'll be many encores.
Indeed beginning July 23
Happily there will be
A harpsichord on the docket playing Scarlatti, Vivaldi, and Bach;
Then August 20 two organs come with
Bach, Mozart, Sweelinck, and Hindemith,
So we look forward to seeing you all
Back here in the AVC Music Hall!

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