Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thank You!

To all ye who followed the Devoted Footsteps of the Third and Fifth Parishes of Cape Ann! 

We thank you for helping us to realize…but even more, to surpass our vision for “Devoted Footsteps.” Once we said to ourselves, "We could talk about this forever;  let’s do it!”, it was very quickly apparent how MANY helping hands would be required!

We relied on historical researchers, script writers, publicists, musicians, actors, costumers, cooks, kitchen managers, volunteers for dining setup/cleanup, photographers, transportation facilitators, trail guides, ministers, youth leaders, and friendly neighbors who were only too happy to host an English tavern song and a good old-fashioned shuttle race.  Not to mention the spirited participation of all who attended, and rallied friends and family to come along.  And Mother Nature was certainly a generous contributor to our “devoted footsteps” this past Sunday!

Hats off to all! 


Kathleen Adams and Kristina Martin

Friends of Dogtown have scheduled other walks October 1 & 2. For more information:

For more photos & for videos:

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